1-on-1 HSPT® Tutoring

Individual HSPT® Tutoring with Mr. Saso

If you are thinking about tutoring for your child—and he or she hasn’t taken a class with us—it would be helpful to have your child take our HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment. This will help us identify specific areas that need improvement.

Tutoring will be conducted over Zoom. For Quantitative and Math tutoring, you will need a tablet and “pencil” that your child can use during the lessons. For Language, Reading, and Verbal tutoring, no tablet is needed.

As part of the tutoring, students will be given a Saso Prep Online account where I will give them practice tests and problem sets related to our session that they can work on after we are done. Students will have access to this until their test date.

A session will cover 1 of the 5 subtests of the HSPT and will help your child score as high as possible in that area. 

If you have a pre-booking question, please give me a call at (408) 821-4790 or send an email at support@sasopreponline.com.

Cost: $120 for a 1-Hour Session