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Free HSPT® Study Guide

Our free HSPT Study Guide begins by giving students an overview of the HSPT. There is a chart showing the 5 subtests of the HSPT, the amount of time for each subtest, the number of problems for each subtest, and the average amount of time per problem on each subtest. 

Next, students will learn important information about test day as it relates to the HSPT.  After this, students will learn how the HSPT is scored and why they can still do well even if they miss several problems on each subtest. The guide will have a picture of the scoring matrix we use for all our practice tests to illustrate this idea.

After this, the guide breaks down each of the 5 subtests in the order they are taken on test day: Verbal Skills, Quantitative Skills, Reading, Mathematics, and Language. The main problem types for each subtest will be explained, as well as tips for problem solving. There will be a QR code next to each problem type that can be scanned to try a timed practice problem. Each practice problem will have a detailed explanation to help students learn.

Finally, there is a short, 10-minute quiz that students can take to practice the 18 core problem types found across the 5 subtests of the HSPT. This quiz will help familiarize students with the problem types they will see on each subtest.

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Free HSPT Study Guide