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From Average to Superior in less than one month!

No greater resource for the motivated student.

With tests, lessons, and practice, each course has been specifically designed to help students score as high as possible on one particular subtest of the HSPT. Students will start by taking a practice subtest to establish a baseline score. After completing this subtest, students are instructed to watch the answer videos for the problems they miss to begin the learning process. After taking the initial subtest, students will then watch lessons to learn the problem-solving strategies and methods that I have been teaching to thousands of students over the years. Following each lesson is untimed practice. Students will practice at their own pace to master the strategies learned from the lessons. After each question is an answer video that students can watch if they miss the problem to learn from their mistakes. This kind of deliberate practice helps students improve in the fastest, most effective way possible. Following the untimed practice is timed practice. This helps students master time management for the HSPT. Students will see their results at the completion of the problem set at which time they can watch the answer videos for any problems that they miss. Timed problem sets can be retaken until students are comfortable with the timing. Following the lessons and practice, students will take a quiz, which is a half-length subtest. The quiz shows students how they are progressing and lets them know if they should revisit any lesson. Once finished with the quiz, students will then have access to the problem pool for randomized practice. The problem pool generates short, randomized, 5-minute quizzes using all the problems from the course. Students can and should come back to the problem pool after completing the course to keep their skills sharp leading up to the HSPT. After a student feels confident working through the problem pool, it will finally be time for the second practice subtest. At the completion of this subtest, students will be able to compare their second score to their first score to see their improvement. And of course, students will be able to watch the answer videos for any problems they miss on the second subtest to learn from their mistakes. To add some fun and encouragement to the course, students earn badges for every test and problem set they complete. Students can then view their accomplishments at any time in the trophy case section of the course. I have been preparing students for the HSPT for over 10 years, and I truly believe there is no greater resource than these courses for the motivated student to master the HSPT.

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