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What is the HSPT®?

The HSPT®, or High School Placement Test, is a Catholic high school entrance exam consisting of 298 multiple-choice questions divided into 5 subtests: Verbal, Quantitative, Reading, Math, and Language. The HSPT® can only be taken one time and the results are used for determining admissions, advancing placement, and awarding scholarships. For a detailed explanation of what is tested on the HSPT®, please see our blog post by clicking here.

The HSPT® can only be taken one time.

Ready for it?

Find out with our HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment.

The HSPT® can only be taken one time.

Ready for it?

Find out with our HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment.

This assessment is a full-length model HSPT® exam. Students are video guided through the entire test, which is automatically timed and scored. Instantly available upon purchase.

Learn approximately what National Percentile a student would score on each subtest based on the results of this assessment.

Discover strengths and weaknesses including a detailed question category breakdown for each subtest.

Determine whether additional preparation is needed and what specific areas need the most improvement.

Provides students with first-hand experience of what the test will be like and a baseline starting score that they can work to improve upon.

For questions or to discuss the results of the assessment, please give us a call at 408-821-4790.

Success Loves Preparation!

The Ultimate HSPT® Self-Study Course

Join Mr. Saso as he guides students through 2 model HSPT® exams, 18 core lessons, and over one thousand timed & untimed practice problems. Includes nearly 24 hours of video explanations!

Includes Free Access to the HSPT Mock Exam (a $149 value)!

À La Carte HSPT® Prep

Purchase only those individual sections from The Ultimate HSPT® Self-Study Course that are needed.
Find out what's needed with our HSPT® Diagnostic Assessment.

HSPT® Mock Exam

The perfect practice test before the HSPT®. Includes over three hours of video explanations!

Know exactly what to expect on test day. Don’t get shocked by the format or pacing. Guided every step of the way by Mr. Saso, this automatically timed and scored exam gives students the full HSPT® test-taking experience (including breaks). With over 3 hours of video explanations, students can review problem solving methods and strategies before their actual exam.

Live Online HSPT® Prep Course

Our ten-session program helps students score as high as possible on the test.
On average, our students score in the 92nd percentile on the HSPT®.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I was in the fall HSPT prep class and I wanted to say thank you. I hadn't taken a test like the HSPT before. I just got my results and I got into all three schools I applied to. My composite score for the HSPT was in the 98th percentile and I was in the 99th percentile for Quantitive and Language. I couldn't have done that without your class! Thank you!
Allison E.
After this course, my scores just went up! I find it really amazing how one class is able to incorporate fun and entertainment along with an effective teaching environment that show real results. Thanks to these results, I have my full trust in your teaching skills and will have my sister come along the way sometime soon to benefit from you guys as well!
Brandon 0.
Thank you for helping me with preparing for the HSPT, it helped me not only to be prepared, but also improved my skills that I can use in class and outside.
Arianna M.
Our teacher was amazing. Mr. Saso knows what he is doing as a teacher for the HSPT test.

Nicholas J.
I need to thank you for the wonderful prep that SASO gave me! The HSPT was really easy! Thank you so much for your help! I will recommend this to my friends and family!! Thanks!
Nikhita K.
I would like to say thank you very much! I probably wouldn't have a chance to get into my #1 school without this class.

Srikav G.

What Our Parents Have to Say

I highly recommend you to others as well who are intending to apply to private schools. You did not disappoint us; instead you delivered on what was expected.

Maria N.
Diego was very thankful for the HSPT prep class. He said he would not have been able to do as well as he did without the class and the practice exams. Thank you. Diego was accepted into Bellarmine. Go Bells!
Angela T.
Noah walked away from his HSPT feeling very confident and subsequently worried less during the wait for the results! He got accepted to all the high schools and will be attending Bellarmine, his first choice school! He was humbled and grateful he got accepted to all of them and we know your HSPT prep helped him achieve this goal. With heartfelt gratitude!
Ellen D.
This class made a huge difference in our son's confidence and ability to effectively get through all the questions in time. We saw the most improvement in his math and vocab skills. Thanks again for running a great HSPT prep program! We'll see you again when our 6th grade daughter enters 8th grade! Thanks!

Stephen I.

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